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Rotary-engine Compression Tester Systems


Our Rotary-engine Compression Testers combine off-the-shelf hardware and software to create a reliable system that can be used to obtain accurate engine compression measurements from a rotary engine. These Systems take the output from high-precision pressure transducers through an analog-to-digital conversion device to acquire and record accurate compression readings for each face of each rotor in a rotary engine. The Systems also allow for the calculation of engine cranking RPM during the test for data normalization. Programs to record, view and extract data, and conduct analysis of the recorded data are included with each Tester. System software is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 10.

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Basic System

Model ReCT-04

Two-rotor System

Model ReCT-TRTa

Modular, Multi-rotor System

Model ReCT-MMTa


Use our systems to help diagnose suspected engine or engine-related issues, use it to monitor engine health over time, and use it to demonstrate in real time, the health of an engine. These systems initially require the installation and configuration of software associated with the Testers. Clear, detailed instructions for installing and configuring the software are provided in the user manuals (see the links above)--specifically, the data conversion device hardware drivers, a program that facilitates acquisition and recording of the compression pulses, and a program that is used to analyze and extract data from the recordings. Installation of the software is a one-time task. Once the software has been installed and configured, compression testing can begin. Step-by-step instructions for conducting compression tests are also provided in the user manual. Following the test, the Waveform Browser can be used to analyze and extract the compression information from the recorded data.

It should be clearly understood that this system requires manual extraction of the compression readings and engine cranking RPM from the recorded data. The readings are not automatically presented to the user as is the case with much more expensive, rotary-engine compression testers.

WARRANTY: Each Rotary-engine Compression Tester system is tested prior to sale and it is delivered in safe working order. The system is warranted for a period of one year from the date of purchase by Rotary Diagnostics Systems. This warranty is limited to repair or replacement of any components necessary to restore the system to full functionality. RDS will restore the system to full functionality at no cost to the customer during the warranty period, unless the malfunction is the result of improper use or abuse of the Tester. In rare cases, the Tester may be replaced with a new system at the option of RDS. Parts and service are available for systems that are out-of-warranty.


  Our systems are in use by race teams, engine builders, repair shops and enthusiasts worldwide!!

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Customers include: SpeedSource, Inc.; Andretti Autosport; Rotary Revs, Ltd; Atkins Rotary; Daryl Drummond Enterprises; NWUAV; SPX Service Solutions (now Bosch), Australia; Jeff's Automotive; Diasio Car Company; PF Supercars of MD; Banzai Racing; Mazda Rotary Club of Switzerland; more than 60 Mazda dealerships, and hundreds of individuals across the Globe. Shipped worldwide.

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