To our customers:

As announced in late 2016, Rotary Diagnostics Systems is out of business as of the end of 2017. However, I will personally provide warranty repairs, or post-warranty repairs for a limited time. Post-warranty repairs will be provided at my cost plus S&H. However, repaired systems will be bench tested only. We will be unable to test the repaired system on an engine since we no longer have our test mule, RX-7.

If you require service after 2017, contact me at the email address below for instructions on how to arrange service. Make note of the email address and software links since our web site will be removed by May 2018 and, therefore, contact instructions no longer will be available here.



Rotary Diagnostics Systems

PO Box 524

Mont Alto, PA 17237



Access to the DATAQ software:

For the latest version of the WinDaq/Lite software for DI-148 systems (i.e., ReCT-03b, ReCT-TRT, ReCT-MMT), click on the following link.

For systems using the DI-145 and DI-149 A-D converters (i.e., ReCT-04, ReCT-TRTa and ReCT-MMTa) click on the following link.


These versions of the software are compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10.


Note: If you currently have the WinDaq software installed on your computer, be sure to completely UNINSTALL/REMOVE it and reboot the computer before installing this software. Follow the instructions on the download page. In addition, during the install process, you may be asked if you want to install WinDaq/XL. You should click on "No thanks". WinDaq/XL is an add-on program that is not required for, or associated with, our systems.